In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Monday, July 26, 2021

More radishes, er, strawberries

This is NOT what I was planning to stitch today.

I was planning to prick, pounce, and paint the design for the next Tudor motif. While waiting for the paint to dry, I was going to chart my name for the Stitcher's Envelope. Then I was going to couch some gold twist to the Tudor motif.

As always, plans don't work for me.

Dearly Beloved was unwell and was up and down all night, which meant that I was up and down with him.  This was the second night in a row that I haven't slept well, so I was a little bleary this morning. Yes, I know I'm retired, but once the sun is completely up, I can't go back to sleep right away.

I decided that pricking, pouncing, and painting--all of which require a steady hand--wasn't going to happen, so I got out the graph paper and the alphabet chart and started charting. I screwed up the first letter of my first name. Twice. I figured if I kept going, I'd end up charting my name as Arabella von Stinkyface, so best not to continue.

So, I wafted the dust cloth around, and decluttered my corner (and that was a monumental but brainless activity) and did two loads of towels.

(Why do we always act like laundry is a big deal? All I did was put the towels in the washing machine and twist a couple of dials and punch a button. Same with the dryer. Folding towels is nothing. I didn't have to haul water from the well and heat it over a fire, then scrub the towels on a washboard with lye soap I'd made myself. I didn't have to haul more water to rinse the lye soap out, and I didn't have to hand wring the towels out to get rid of the excess water. I didn't have to hang them on a clothesline to dry--although I do love the scent of line-dried linens--and I didn't have to dash out to bring them in before the afternoon thunderstorm started. So why do we complain about laundry? I digress.)

Anyway, by that point I was ready to plop down and stitch on something, and this is the easiest project in the stack, and I did say at one point I'd like to finish it in a reasonable amount of time--so out it came. And if I can keep my eyes open, I can fill in the rest of the Queen stitches before I head to bed.

And, for some reason, these motifs look more like radishes than strawberries to me. 


  1. Sorry to hear your hubby was unwell.
    Your stitching is growing .
    You made me laugh about the washing .
    Oh boy when I first got married it was all done by hand and a wringer or roller .
    How lucky we are today .
    Enjoy your stitching .

  2. Ann, I've sometimes thought about the washing days of old as well. Our poor foremothers! And think how rough their poor hands would've been! That's a LOT of queen stitch. Kudos to you for getting ANYTHING done, let alone those.

  3. I love hanging up laundry outside. There's something very zen about it.

  4. I think I could one of few who love hanging out the laundry. It just feels good to do it. But I do remember the days of real cloth diapers frozen stiff. Yes so many conveniences we have that our grand parents and parents did not. Sorry of the sleepless night. Hope the hubs is better. Your stitching is coming along.