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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lovely Mail Day

 It was quite a lovely mail day.

The most recent project in the Queen's Attire series from Amy Mitten arrived. It is quite likely I will start working on this as soon as I hit publish.

And I treated myself to a needle minder from Rachael Kinnison, who also creates the beautiful annual Christmas ornaments. You can find information on both at her website:

And why am I not continuing with the border for the piece of Gardenesque,  you ask?

This is where it currently stands:

You will notice that it is missing all the border stitches I showed you yesterday. That is because I spent yesterday evening removing them, and that is because I counted incorrectly at the very beginning, which threw the border off by two stitches. You'd wouldn't think two threads could possibly make that much difference. It did. So it had to come out.

When I told Baby Girl that I was taking out backstitches worked over one thread on 36 count linen, she said she recommended burning the piece to ashes.

While tempted, this is a kit and I don't have any extra linen to replace it, so it had to be ripped.

And that is why I'm probably going to start something new tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely goodies Ann .
    Oh no that happened to me to I was only one stitch out .
    No stitching for me yesterday we had duties to do.
    Have a lovely Sunday.