In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

At a standstill

 The third motif in the Tudor Embroidery class has been pricked and pounced.

I was worried that the gray pounce I had wouldn't show up on the black velvet but it did with no problems. What I should have worried about is finding the white watercolor paint and the teeny brush I bought so I could connect the dots. I put them in a very safe place, otherwise known as the portal to another dimension.

So, tomorrow, after I have lunch with former co-workers to celebrate a birthday, I'm going to go buy another cake of white water color pain and another teeny brush so I can start working on this motif.


  1. Of course, as soon as you buy the replacements your original paint and brush will show up in a place where you looked three times! Have you ever used prick and pounce on silk dupione? I need to find a better way to transfer designs to it as my current method of transfer pens just isn't working.
    I'm looking forward to watching your progress on this design.

  2. Have a great lunch with friends .
    Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Definitely if you buy more you will find the first ones you bought. Like me, I am sure it made complete logical sense when you put them where they are now hiding.