In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Radio Silence

I planned to be sure to blog more often in 2022, and didn't mean to drop out for a couple of days.

I had a doctor's appointment smack dab in the middle of the day on Tuesday. I know people who can pick up and put things down for a few minutes here and there. I am not one of them. That meant I didn't get to thread a needle until evening.

Then yesterday, I spent most of the morning at the car place while the oil was being changed in my car. While I can fiddle around on my phone while waiting, I can't blog easily on it. And when I got home, Dearly Beloved was in possession of the laptop where he was looking up bread recipes. He is trying to replicate a whole wheat bread loaf we used to get from a little bakery that closed during 2020. I wish he'd stop--the holidays and sampling his test batches probably account for the extra couple of pounds I gained since the last doctor visit. 

There has been some needlework accomplished the last two evenings.

The last panel for Carmen's Etui's body is done. The next step is to stitch the handle and its lining.

I figured out where to fudge a stitch so the pattern would work on Hannah Thornbush. I only had to rip things out a couple of times to get the sweet spot--but better to rip out maybe ten stitches than a bazillion. I think I may try to get a few more stitches in this today. The whole design is worked in double running, and then everything is filled in.

We are supposed to get a "winter mix" this week-end. As much as I would love to see snow--we really haven't had a noticeable amount in the last three winters--I have a horrible feeling we're going to have sleet and freezing rain and ice. And that is the wonderful thing about being retired--I don't need to go anywhere if it turns into a mess.

Although I have been thinking about a snow day start . . . should it be a UFO or WIP, or should it be a never-stitched, brand new project? Do I really need another labor-intensive, long-term project, or should I pick something that could be finished while the snow/ice is on the ground?

Which means it would have to be something that can be done in a day from start to finish. Our winter precipitation never lasts long.


  1. Great progress ,beautiful stitching ,
    Oh I hate having to do things in the middle of stitching , it;s hard to get back to it .
    My hand is hurting why I don'know , so not much stitching here, then the dentist for a clean but all was well no work to be done , after 2 years! so I was happy.
    Enjoy your day .

  2. I can't stitch for a few minutes, leave and then get back to it either. It always takes me a while to clear other things out of my brain, so that I can stitch.