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Sunday, January 2, 2022

2022 Sampler Sunday

Time to announce this year's Sampler Sunday project:

Probably no surprise to long-term readers of this blog, Hannah Thornbush is my project for Sundays this year.

I did audition a number of samplers. In fact, I had about a dozen or so arrayed around me on the bed, some still unopened in their packages, others with a stitch or two, still others very close to a finish.

My aspiration for the year (note that I did not say "resolution") is to work on some of my more challenging projects. That eliminated some of the schoolgirl samplers--and I have agreed to stitch the model for a major schoolgirl sampler sometime this year--so that category is covered anyway.

Then I really do want to get some of my UFO's and WIP's done, especially the ones that have a good bit of work done on them. Why not finish a few of those? So the unopened kits were laid aside.

I had some challenging and already started projects left to choose from.

I cannot tell a lie. If the sampler was already sewn to scroll bars, it went into the final group.

Hannah won. She isn't the oldest one, although I started her in 2009. She isn't the one with the most work already done.

But she is challenging and I've always liked her colors, and most of all, now that I'm retired, I have daylight hours to work on her. That's a tremendous help when working on 45 count linen.

And, she is about halfway done. Bonus!

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  1. OMG Ann you really are a wonderful stitcher .
    Your work is fantastic and yes you must finish this one.
    Good to hear your back is better , take care .