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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wonderful Williamsburg

We're here!

We did get up early, but (through no fault of mine, I hasten to say) we didn't leave quite as early as projected. However, we made good time and had plenty of time to check into the hotel, drag what appears to be enough luggage to supply the troops landing in Normandy on D-Day (we have not learned the art of traveling light), and get ourselves to DeWitt Wallace in time to visit the samplers in the drawers in the textile area.

(If you ever get to Williamsburg, the storage drawers are unlocked on Wednesday afternoons so you can gaze to your heart's delight.)

There are several samplers in those drawers whose reproductions I have stitched (thank you, Joanne Harvey!) and, of course, those are the ones I am happy to see, especially when you consider the differences in linen and threads between those the original stitcher had available and the supplies we have now.  There are some differences in proportion and size, but the overall flavor is there.

In the same area, the current exhibit focuses on embroidered fashionable accessories.  There are gentlemen's nightcaps for those of us who are taking or have taken Tricia Nguyen's class on the glittering nightcap.  There are embroidered pocket and aprons, and there are sweet bags.  I love sweet bags.  I am working on having a wall of stitched sweet bags.  Any time I get a chance to stitch another one, I am on top of it. So seeing these tiny delights on display made my heart go pitty-pat.

Then we descended upon Christiana Campbell's tavern for dinner.  We have enough left-overs for lunch tomorrow (thank goodness our hotel room has a frig).  After a very long day and with a very full tummy, I am close to going facedown on the keyboard.

And I have threaded a needle today.  I had to sew a button back on Dearly Beloved's sweater.

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