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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, so shiny . . .

I had to go to the dentist today.  This is NOT my favorite way to spend an afternoon, particularly when my desk at work is piled high and I am happier when it isn't.  However, it was time, so I dutifully went off and had my teeth cleaned and checked.

But then, when I got home,  this wonderful book was waiting for me:

Oh, good grief.

You will have to stand on your head to see this.  Technology gets me again.

Anyway, this is an amazing book on Goldwork, written by Hazel Everett, published by Search Press who comes out with extremely well done books on embroidery.  It is a phenomenal resource covering materials and techniques, as well as some lovely projects.

I've been lucky enough to take a dozen or so classes from Michele Roberts in goldwork, and there is nothing that will surpass taking a face-to-face class from someone who is an expert in the technique.  However, this book is tremendously helpful in providing reminders about some of the little details that can slip your mind after the classes are over.  The section on materials alone is worth the price of admission!

There are other good resources in this technique--the A-Z book from Country Bumpkin and Tracy Franklin's books immediately come to mind (there are others that have slipped out--one that I love is by Jane . . . er, something . . . she does brilliant ecclesiastical embroideries and I am going to feel like an idiot for forgetting her last name when I locate the book after I post this).

There are two projects in the book that brightened up this gray, dreary day spent having my teeth poked with sharp metal objects.   The instructions for the cover design are included (and I am going stash diving shortly to see what threads and wires I already have)--and then, there is this little guy:

Baby Girl likes dragons.  Christmas is coming.  Maybe I should remember that Christmas is coming faster than I would like to think.  Maybe I should plan for next Christmas.

Anyway, tonight I'm stash diving and planning and plotting.  Shiny is fun!!

Oh, and before I end this, I should perhaps clarify the last post a bit.  First of all, sincere thanks to all who commented and sent me tips and hints on doing random stitches.  In actuality, I don't do random because I don't like random, not because I can't do random.  When I first started embroidering, I was about six years old. After the obligatory pillowcases and dresser scarves, I did crewel for about 10 years, primarily because in the 60's that was just about all there was--the only canvaswork available was mostly prestitched centers that required filling in the backgrounds (BORING!) and the only cross stitch was stamped (also boring and hard to cover the stamped X's.)  I also embroidered stuff on my jeans and denim workshirts and purses and bags and all that stuff because it was the Age of Aquarius and you needed stuff embroidered on your apparel. And that, in particular, was pretty random.

When counted thread techniques and counted canvas designs appeared, I was in heaven.  It's a matter of preference, just as some people who use yarn prefer to knit and others prefer to crochet.  So, yes, I just had to vent  in the post because now, I really don't do random unless I absolutely have to, and apparently I have to on this piece.

But tonight, I'm planning to play in the shiny.

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  1. It's amazing how many of us turn out to be suckers for something shiny, isn't it!

    But you deserve something cheerful after a trip to the dentist..