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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carolina Casket stitchers

A week or so ago, I talked about meeting Tricia Nguyen at Winterthur and seeing the goodies that will be her "Cabinet of Curiosities" class--where the stitcher will create her own, special embroidered casket a la 17th century.

I signed up that very day.

Today, those of us who have signed up received a message from Tricia--the response thus far has been strong enough that plans are already underway for Casket Class Part Two--and this is before the general announcement for the Casket Class Part One has actually occurred.  Wow!

And one of the things that Tricia would like to happen is this:  that groups of stitchers get together, as we did for the Plimoth jacket, to stitch and work out problems and design issues and enjoy the process.

I live just about smack dab in the middle of the border between North and South Carolina.  Would anyone like to join me when the class starts?  We could be the Carolina Casket Stitchers--or the Carolina Casketeers (groan, but, sadly, it's growing on me--too much Monty Python in my impressionable years--I tend to go for the ridiculous)--or a much classier name of someone's devising.  Shoot, I'm up for road trips at any given moment (given work schedule, of course)--we could definitely travel to Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia!  We could go farther, actually--could you imagine taking over a hotel or resort area with a bunch of Casketeers?

Besides, who else is going to ever understand this mad obsession for all things casket-like?

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  1. Well, I'm nowhere near (across the pond, in fact) so I shan't be joining you, but I hope you find a group of enthusiastic casketeers!