In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Friday, December 2, 2011

stitches, little teeny stitches

So here it is, the first "official" full day of Christmas in Williamsburg--and, as usual, I'm having a good time.

Yesterday was the day for the Early Bird classes and the boutique opening and the welcome banquet.  I took a class from Jackie duPlessis, her "Present-tation Tray" which accompanies the class she is teaching for the rest of the seminar.  (You can see both on the home page of her website, And I stitched in class.  The numbers 1 - 5.  In tent stitch over one.  Teeny little stitches.

Then the boutique opened.  If you've ever seen the Running of the Brides at Filene's, you may have a slight clue as to what happens when a bunch of needlework fanatics are given the opportunity to shop.  I found the one thing I really wanted (and didn't know I wanted until I took Jackie's class) and a (ahem) number of other things that needed to come home with me.  I didn't find 50 count white linen, but, oh, well.  I can find that elsewhere, hopefully.  The credit card isn't smoking, it just melted into a puddle of molten plastic.

And then we had the welcome banquet.  I finally got to meet an online friend (Hi, Cyn!) and we enjoyed Phyllis dePiano's comments about the 25 years of seminars in Williamsburg.

Today started the regularly scheduled programming. I am taking one of Merry Cox's classes because it's become a tradition for me to take Merry's classes in Williamsburg.  I'm always happy with my Merry projects--and the decision was made easier because this year, for the first time, we were allowed to buy the class kits for classes we didn't take.  So, there are other projects to come home with me.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

And I stitched in Merry's class, too.  More teeny tiny stitches.  Tent stitch over one.

People who know me know that I don't get much done at seminars.  For one thing, I generally can't keep a needle threaded. Sometimes I can't count. Usually I can't see even when my eyes and spectacles are working together (which they aren't particularly at the moment).  The chairs are not the wing chair.  I don't have my ottoman to prop up my feet. My stuff isn't where I want it to be, usually because there are other people who seem to think they need space for their stuff.

But for some reason--maybe because I haven't been able to stitch much lately, I am stitching here.

And loving it.

Add to that:  the historic district is decorated.  We have had some very good meals.  We did some Christmas shopping after I got out of class this afternoon. The weather is beautiful--it was sweater weather today.

And there are two more days before we have to return to reality.

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  1. i love your comical way of writing. your blogs are just plain fun to read.