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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cyborg Eyes*

I spent the afternoon at the eye doctor.

The Monday before Thanksgiving I will have the cataract in my left eye removed.  Previously I had the cataract in my right eye removed and the astigmatism corrected.  Apparently I grow a type of fast-appearing and fast-growing cataract.

It's not the surgery that is freaking me out.

It's hearing the doctor say I would no longer need to wear glasses.

Hmmmmm. . .

I have worn glasses for fifty years.  Literally.  The first pair was a lovely blue with sparkles "to bring out (my)  twinkly blue eyes," the optometrist said.  Along the way I also had a couple of tortoise shell pairs, then I was the first girl in my high school (and second person) to wear wire-rimmed spectacles, which immediately meant that I must be a hippie-freak-radical-weirdo-chick.  Quite possibly, I was.

I've had oversized frames, teeny-tiny frames, and rimless frames.  I've been wearing bifocals.

And now, I may not have glasses at all.

Not sure how to handle that.

*Baby Girl came up with cyborg eyes.  After the surgery on my right eye, the pupil was dilated to the point you could not see the iris.  To continue rockin' the Borg look, they taped a clear plastic eye shield over the eye.  Of course, I was trying to stitch, so I had on my regular glasses, and my magnifier (that sits on my head and suspends the magnifier in front of my eyes).  She took a picture which hopefully I have managed to locate and destroy on all possible places it could have appeared.  But she has referred to my artificial lens in the right eye as my cyborg eye ever since.

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  1. Just as well I didn't have a coffee in my hand or my guffaw would have ruined the keyboard. Love the idea of the "Borg Look"!