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Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is the stitch that never ends . . .

If you were a child in the 60's, you might remember that Shari Lewis and Lambchop had a Saturday morning TV show.  (If you weren't, Shari Lewis was a ventriloquist and Lambchop was her alter ego--she also was a guest on the Johnny Carson years of the Tonight Show.)

Anyway, she had a song that started, "This is the song that never ends . . ."  and it just went on and on as long as your mother could tolerate it before she told you to go play outside for awhile.

That's how I feel about what I've been stitching since last night.

I'm on Lesson Two of the Bluebird needlecase.  In reading over the instructions, I found that part of the lesson included working the nun stitch around the six panels that make up the needlepages.  It was at the end of the lesson, but I thought, well, that's somewhat tedious so it probably would be better to go ahead and get it over with.  Besides, how long could six little pages take to nun stitch around.

For-bloody-ever, apparently.

I have been nun stitching for HOURS.  I still have two-and-a-quarter panels to nun stitch around.  I am not a particularly slow stitcher (which is good, since I change my mind and rip things out on a regular basis) but I feel like I must be going in slow motion on this part.

Now, Marsha did give us a way out.  She said if we didn't want to do the panels, we could always use wool felt for the needlepages.  "HA!" said I, the overachiever.  "That's taking the easy way out.  The linen pages will be ever so much cuter!!"

And now I'm committed.  And it this takes much longer, I may have to be.

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  1. Such a familiar story - I've done something very similar...