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Monday, March 28, 2022

Lost Weekend

 The root canal wasn't going to let me get away easily.

At about 3 a.m. Saturday morning, I was awakened by my tooth throbbing in unison with my heartbeat. This is not a good sign. So, after getting in touch with the dentist's emergency number later Saturday morning, I was armed with antibiotics and pain killers.

The antibiotics seem to be doing their job, but I have to tell you, the pain killers killed the pain and then some. Nothing hurt, not even any of my arthritic joints.

But there was fog, a deep mental fog that kept me from doing much of anything that involved thought or intentional actions. Napping was good. I could nap. I could nap sitting straight up in my chair. I did, actually.

But, my plan was to put something together. Dearly Beloved felt I should perhaps not fling a rotary cutter around, and since my eyes weren't focusing all that well, I had to agree.

I'm more than a little hypersensitive to pain meds, as if you couldn't tell.

So, I lost Saturday. I lost Sunday. I decided to try to go without any pain meds today, and I've managed to do all the Domestic Diva stuff I didn't do over the weekend. 

I am very happy that I'm getting back to normal, because this lovely thing arrived in today's mail:

Amy Mitten has started a new series, and this is the first Slip of Evidence. It's an etui. There are pages and pages of Amy's most excellent directions, and loads of beautiful silks in luscious colors, and a bag full of other bits and bobs needed to create the design.

My only problem is deciding where to fit this into the pile of things I want to work on.

I'm sure I'll figure it out.

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  1. Oh Ann , I am so sorry you have not been well .
    Your new kit came just at the right time to lift your sprits .
    Hope you feel better soon.