In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Annual Discombobulation

 I thought, being a Lady of Leisure, that changing to Daylight Savings Time would be a non-event this year. After all, I don't have to get up an hour earlier to go to work--so why should the time change have any effect at all?

Well, it does. The light is wrong when I wake up. I know that sounds weird, but it throws off my whole day.  I'm sure a lot of it has to do with stitching when the light is at its best. Since it isn't when I get up, I do other stuff and the next thing I know, I've puttered a chunk of the morning away.

My plan was to get the needle lace for Harmony's first panel finished this week and to assemble Carmen's Etui. Instead, I decided that maybe I should do things that don't require quite as much focus, like organizing and sorting out my stash.

And I discovered another reason to keep on blogging. It gives me a way to know when I started or worked on a project.

In sorting through things that have been stashed in bins for decades--seriously, decades--I found things I forgot I had. And then I found something I forgot I worked on.

It's a Rae Iverson design for a needle case. It's done except for the detached buttonhole petals for the center flower.

Did I take this as a class? Did I buy the kit somewhere? And where was I when I bought it?

I know I worked on it because at one time it was attached to scroll frames. It has the remnants of the blue thread I generally use to sew linen to the frame tapes. But why did I stop before finishing the flower?

The only reasonable explanation is that I needed to turn the work the petals, easier to do off the frame. But why didn't I go ahead and do them?

It's a mystery.

Meanwhile, since I still feel the need to stitch, I've been making teeny tiny little cross stitches over one thread on Behold Thy Beauty. I'm not sure you can see them--they're a very light purple thread--but they're there.

I may continue with this for another day or so.

Or I may see what other mysteries are hidden in my stash.


  1. When I go through my stash, I find bags of threads. Then I wonder, "What the heck did I buy these for? Because they were pretty? For a project? They were on clearance?"

  2. Your teeny tiny purple stitches are lovely, Ann. Hope your discombobulation ends soon! I saw that the Senate has voted to end Standard time and would go in effect in 2023 if the House passes it.

  3. Ann those tiny purple stitches can be addictive......Behold Thy Beauty is one of my favorite will want to do Simply Delightful for it to. Your tiny stitches are sooooo pretty!!!! Don't stop!!