In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Stick a fork in me

 I'm done.

I realized I should have used two different colors in my needle for the leaves I stitched yesterday--I missed it in the video (which is why I really need written directions as well as pictures, moving or otherwise). I am absolutely not going to take it out, but it removed all my motivation to continue working on this project today.

So then I decided to stitch my name on the flap of the Stitcher's Envelope.

And I misspelled my maiden name as I was stitching. I transposed two letters because I was watching Lord of the Rings while stitching instead of paying attention to my chart. That will have to come out.

So I think I'll go straighten up my corner and decide if I should take up another pastime.

P.S. I decided I had to fix my name, so I ripped and restitched. Then I wondered why it looked so skimpy compared to the alphabet on the back panel.

Well, duh. I was supposed to stitch it with two strands rather than one.

I am not going to re-restitch.

PPS. When I pulled out all the stuff around my corner, I found I have four projects ready to assemble, and three more that only need a little more work to be ready to put together.

I am now going to bed. The thought of all that assembling has worn me out. And tomorrow is another day--which hopefully, will be better for my stitching.

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  1. Oh Ann I have days like that when nothing goes right ,I start on another project and when that goes wrong I put it away for another day . Then get mad with another day wasted .
    I did not get chance to stitch yesterday , I met my friend by the coast and had a coffee in a lovely coffee shop.
    Then later went out with hubby who was a judge for the best gardens in our town , there were so many cups to give out .
    Then we all had tea in the gardens of The Old Rydon pub .
    And boy it was good I even brought more cake home .
    We never got back in until late so I was to tired to stitch.