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Monday, August 9, 2021

a little more progress

 I've made a little more progress on the gold work motif from the Tudor class.

I had planned to be past this point yesterday, but my frame stand had issues. It's had issues before--the knob on the top of the screw that holds one of the arms came off.

This happened with this frame before. I emailed the person who sold them, and she sent me a replacement. She also said not to screw the screw in tightly.

Now please explain to me how you can work with a frame when the arms are not stable? Anyway, everything has worked fine until yesterday, when the second knob came off. The seller has retired, so replacements are not available.

Dearly Beloved to the rescue. He rummaged around in his stash and located a nut that would screw on the bolt that holds the arm of the frame AND hold the arm stable. But, by the time he found one and puttered around with the frame, I was out of the mood.

So today I finished the section of stitching I wanted to do and started removing some of the excess water color that I had to use to mark the pattern on the velvet. Right now, I'm waiting for the velvet to dry to go any further. I think I am going to need to go back over it to get the rest of the paint removed, so I may not be able to stitch much on this section for another day or so, at least until everything dries.

I think I might go ahead and work on the next motif--or go back to Elizabeth's portrait--or work on the Queen stitch needle case--or put a few stitches in either Rebecah French or Hannah Thornbush--or replace the stitches I ripped out in Gardenesque.

Or start something completely different.

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  1. I have had many frames and just could not get on with them I had floor ones Lap ones your name it I had it .
    I notice when you first have them they are nice and tight and steady , then they seem to go all lose.

    So now I am back to a med hoop and take my stitching out each time , hard to work on large designs but I now roll them top and bottom and hoop in the middle of work .
    This now works for me , and I don't spend all night getting mad .
    Enjoy your new week .