In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wee bit of whitework . . .

Two more squares on the Schwalm whitework bag are done!

And I have finished the prep work and started the assembly on the casket etui. Unfortunately there isn't enough to really see at this point.

And I will warn you right now: if you're looking for perfection on this finishing project, don't. It has really been a learning experience for me and that shows. Once again (and apparently it takes finding this out over and over and over for me to learn this very obvious fact), I've realized I need two things to be a good finisher:

  • Practice
  • A place to leave my projects spread out and my equipment set up

Getting the practice is easy. I think I'm going to set aside several hours every week-end to work on finish-finishing. Meanwhile, I'm going to work on this project a little every day until it's done, with breaks for other projects when I start making mistakes. (It should be obvious why I put that last provision in . . .)

Finding a place to leave things out is going to require some major rearranging of the stash room which is also full of other junk important items.  What I'd really like to do is have room for a big worktable where I could leave the sewing machine and iron and cutting equipment and the bits and pieces of whatever I'm working on. At the moment, I have two choices. I either have to use the kitchen table and move everything if we want to eat a meal there or fold laundry, or I have everything jumbled in one of the baskets next to the wing chair. While I love baskets and use them in just about every room, I waste a lot of time pawing through the basket looking for the bit I need. Meanwhile, other bits are getting mixed up as well. And I'm constantly hopping up and down to go to wherever the ironing board and rotary cutter are temporarily living. It would be nice to give them all a permanent location.

So that is the goal.

Dearly Beloved wanted to know if I planned to have this accomplished by the end of this century.

Little does he realize he will be doing the heavy lifting and making the Goodwill/Salvation Army trips.


  1. Yes, men are always so helpful with the smart ideas and are totally on board with helping you get rid of YOUR things! LOL. Hopefully he can
    help with that heavy lifting too! Good luck with your clean-out. I find I have a hard time parting with things if I'm not in just the right frame of mind! Laura

  2. Lovely whitework progress.
    I think that is a great plan for finishing.

  3. Very pretty! Good luck with getting your finishing area done. :)

  4. Hi Ann,

    Several ideas that might help:
    - clean/new cookie sheet
    - decorative tray
    - Piece of mat board/foam core

    You can then set everything up and move it when necessary.

    My Dearly Beloved loves to take things to donate so that's never a problem. I have the problem, "I'm not ready to donate that yet" as he would take everything except for of course his precious stuff. LOL!!!

    Yes, I'm still catching up on blog posts but I'm having lots of fun. :-)