In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Friday, July 5, 2013

finicky finishing

For two days now, I've been making little piles of things.

They're very pretty little things but they haven't turned into anything yet.

This designer has an assembly line method of putting together the smalls in the set, so you cut out all all the pieces, interline all the pieces, deal with lining and stiffening and making cords for everything all in one fell swoop, so I've been taking things from one little pile and putting them into other little piles and trying to keep all the piles separate so that all the correct parts are where they should be.

I think once all the prep work is done--and I'm still prepping--it will make the assembly go much more quickly and I'll suddenly have everything done and I will sit here in amazement that it went together so fast. Even though I have been prepping now for two days and I'm still prepping. Granted, part of those two days was spent looking for a spool of thread that I knew I had. It turned up exactly where it should have been and I swear I had looked through that plastic bag twice before it miraculously appeared. Of course that was after I found another spool of thread that could be used, just wasn't the one I was supposed to be using.

I have found through working on this that I do better with more immediate gratification, like i do all of one piece from start to literal finish, then do the next piece from start to finish, and so on.

It has also been made ever more evident that I am an embroiderer and not a seamstress. Sewing involves care, precision, and accuracy.  If you mess up on a piece of embroidery, you can rip it out or embellish it more. If you cut the wrong thing the wrong way, you're doomed.

So far, I'm not completely doomed, but I think I'm done with this part of the exercise for today. I think I need to embroider and not sew.

Otherwise, all this may go into a bag and be flung into the far corners of the stash room for Baby Girl to deal with after I become the Dearly Departed.


  1. its contagious... I now have piles of little things and I am still making more......

  2. Betsy is coming to my area in February. SO I'm watching with interest. Not sure what she is going to be teaching yet.

  3. Tomorrow will be my finishing day...if needed, it can spill into Sunday. I hope I have some pieces finished when it is all over. Good luck to you!

  4. Oh, do hang in there! Would love to see it all done up. I know you would too! ;)

  5. I am sure that your finishing will be fabulous :0) GOOD LUCK!!