In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I could have . . .

I was able to leave work and start my Fourth week-end early.

I could have come home and vacuumed.

I could have come home and thrown a load of laundry in.

I could have come home and matched the lids to the containers for all the plastic stuff Dearly Beloved and I take our lunches in and tossed the ones that don't have mates (and which are running away with the odd socks, apparently).

I could have come home and scrubbed a bathroom or two.

I did none of these things.

I plopped myself in the wing chair and picked up the Schwalm project.

And this is what I did:

I adore this lacy square!

Just about the time I got used to the rhythm of the stitch the square was over.

I have probably mentioned this a thousand times or so, but I'm taking the Cabinet of Curiosities (aka The Casket Class) from Tricia Nguyen.  Somewhere this little pattern is going to find a place on my casket. I don't know where and I haven't quite figured out how, but it's going to go there somewhere.

Now, I don't have to go to work tomorrow so I could stay up later and do another square, but this has gone so well so far that I'm afraid to attempt to cut threads again. So I think I'll pull out the directions for finishing for Betsy Morgan's Elizabethan Etui and read over them.  Tomorrow I'm going to take a deep breath and start that assembly.

Unless, of course, I can't stand it and have to do some more squares on this piece.


  1. This is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the stitches in other squares. Thank you for posting.

  2. Wow! You're really on a roll. Hope whatever you choose tomorrow goes as well as you accomplishments this evening. Do enjoy.

  3. You always make me smile Ann! I too should work on some finishing tomorrow but I might just stitch instead!

  4. Your square looks awesome! Happy stitching tomorrow.

  5. I also SHOULD finish to day. I am so very, very tempted to start a new stitch instead. ;)

  6. Time well spent ... the laundry is always there ... one of those very sad facts of life. I imagine even residents of nudist colonies have the laundry dilemmma.