In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Highs and Lows

 I've had a couple of stitching successes in the last few days--and a couple of stitching flubs as well. Nothing out of the ordinary, actually, given the way I stitch.

A major high--a finish!

Bird 'N Berry Box
Barbara Jackson

I believe I need to trim the leaves on the wee, tiny berry some more--they are kind of overwhelming--and the needle book will never be opened. I needed to do fractions to figure out the size of the fabric to use for the lining. Apparently I still have problems adding fractions, because the lining is a little smaller than the optimal size. I made it work, but I am less than thrilled. I am, however, thrilled with the box top. I got it situated, attached, and avoided having globs of glue showing.

Assorted Zoom meetings have enabled me to finish the grassy hills under the tree, and to start the tree trunk on my crewel project. I'm still very happy with the way this is looking--no flubs here!

Eternal Flame has had its moments, too.

I stitched the two diamond motifs on the huswif part--although I had to frog one and restitch it because it was a thread too high. To take a break from the flame pattern, I stitched one of the pocket pieces for the inside.  And after stitching the whole thing and admiring it greatly, I realized that I had apparently misunderstood the placement directions on the piece of linen. I don't have enough to fold up to form a self-lining. After ranting and raving and employing foul language, I decided to sleep on it--and figured out a work-around in the middle of the night. All is now good. So far.

However, I am still fighting with a stitch on my stumpwork sampler from the deep dive online class. I am trying to work Ceylon stitch. I have successfully worked Ceylon stitch in the past. More than once have I successfully worked Ceylon stitch. I have ripped out everything I've done three times on this piece.

I think I'm working too tightly. Before, I used metal threads, which have body and stiffness and can hold the shape, and wool, which is thicker than the thread I'm using for the sample. I think the thickness of the wool thread helps hold the shape. I'm working with double strands of cotton floss on this piece, and the floss is not holding the shape on its own. 

I just have to turn into a loose stitcher.

Or use lots of straight pins to hold each loop in its place until I get the next row done.

And remember to breathe.



  1. Your Barbara Jackson set is gorgeous, Ann. The grass on your crewel piece is looking good. Sorry you are having issues with the Ceylon stitch on your stumpwork piece. Have a good week!

  2. Wonderful stitching like always .
    I only cross stitch , but I love what you do with a needle and thread , always so amazing . Have a great week hugs June.

  3. Ann, you are too hard on yourself. The Barbara Jackson piece is so sweet. And, your crewel grass is perfection! Relax and enjoy!!!