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Monday, April 20, 2015

Two Thirds of the Way

I'm almost home--we're back at Baby Girl's from our week-end at Salty Yarns.

It was a fantastic setting for a class--oceanfront, comfortable seats, incredible lighting--can't say enough good things about the set-up. The Lankford Hotel is an old, rambling property with the idiosyncrasies that older hotels have--it reminds me a lot of the beach hotels from my childhood and the mountain inns where Dearly Beloved and I have stayed over the years--but the place was scrupulously clean, the towels thick and fluffy, the beds comfortable. In addition, our room was equipped with frig, stove, and microwave.

And the hospitality cannot be surpassed. Sara and Sally and the family made a newbie feel very welcomed, which is one strong reason I will return two more times this year.

The next time I go, however, I will get there early enough, by hook or by crook, to really spend time in the shop. I know they're stocking up for the season, but I do not think I've ever been in one shop with as many goodies per square foot as Salty Yarns.  Baby Girl said she had made two circuits of the shop and hadn't seen everything. I said, did you see the room with all the threads and fabrics. Her jaw dropped--there's another room? Why, yes, there is.  Amazing, simply amazing.

And there was stitching.

This is what I stitched in class:

The class was the Button Lovers Brag Book, taught by Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods. If you ever get a chance to take a class from Sherri, run, don't walk, to sign up. She is an extremely thorough teacher who writes some of the best directions of anyone. Every step is clear and well-thought-out. And I love the color palette she uses in this particular piece--very soft colors that will allow the buttons to glow (and the fabric is not green--don't know why it looks that way in this picture).

She had also brought the models for some of her other teaching pieces--she will be teaching two of them next year, again at Salty Yarns. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her newest design, which is an amazing wooden basket filled with smalls. It makes me swoon.

There was also some stash enhancement at Sherri's boutique table:

One is a companion for the class piece, the other two I just fell in love with.

I did actually do some stitching the evening before class. The people attending workshops generally tend to meet in the lobby after class and late into the evening, and Baby Girl and I joined in Friday night.  I got this much done on The Shepherdess:

She almost has something to sit on . . .almost. I'm going to have to stop stitching her skirt and get her lamb worked in.

But I'm not sure whether to continue with her or get started on the prework for the Betsy Morgan class I'll go back to Salty Yarns to take. I have the pre stitch kit:

So, what to do, what to do . . .the best part is that I'm back in the mood to stitch again!

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