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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Evil Grandparents

The Flash turned four a couple of weeks ago and we felt that we should celebrate HIS birthday even if Dearly Beloved wanted to ignore his.

So we went out and bought a gigundus Thomas the Tank Engine set of tracks and tunnels and collapsing bridges and all kinds of things.

Which required the Big Kid to spend about an hour or more assembling with the assistance of the worst set of directions ever seen and the supervision of Dearly Beloved.  The Flash, of course, wanted to start playing before all the assemblage was constructed. Then the battery had to be inserted inside the Thomas that accompanies this set (we thought it was going to take a trained neurosurgeon to accomplish this) before The Flash could actually play with it.

And once it was functioning, The Flash was mesmerized.  I do not believe I have ever seen this child as transfixed by anything.  He was most distressed that we could not take the whole thing (including 4 feet of tracks) out to dinner. Bwa-ha-ha-ha--the evil grandparents have struck!

(We explained to the Big Kid that at some point, it would be his turn to do things like this to his progeny, as it was done to us.)

There will be pictures. I remembered the camera and forgot the camera cord.

And our programming will return to stitching once we are home again.

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