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Saturday, September 3, 2011

(Lack of) Progress Report

I thought I should review my list of current projects to determine where I am--after all, I hoped to have at least half a dozen finishes by the end of October.


Ann Wheatley:  I am bogged down in the saying.  There are many, many letters.  Many letters. Lots of letters.  Don't know why letters take me longer than other things, but they do.  And the weird thing is that the verse on the sampler is what drew me so strongly to this SAL.

Rebecah French:  I am working on the attribution and hoping to get the sawtooth border completed this week.  I am also hoping to get Baby Girl to do the tracing for me when she visits next week-end--she has a steadier hand and more patience with things like this than I do--and there is a LOT of tracing to be done.

St. Margaret's Star:  FINISHED

Bluebird Needlecase:  I need to make a decision about the monogram for the back cover.  Hmmm, another letter . . . And I need to stitch the needlepages. . . then I'll be ready for lesson 3.  Of course, Lesson 4 has been posted and people have been displaying their finished needlebooks all over the web. I think I'm a wee bit behind.  As usual.

Dresden Lace GCC from EGA:  I do not know why this one is giving me fits but it is.  I have done some  Dresden lace before, including a major piece designed by the same designer.  It may have something to do with the fact that this will be evaluated in company with work of some of the finest stitchers in my chapter, all of whom do heirloom sewing and one of whom teaches on the national level for the smocking guild.  I am way out of my league in this technique with this group, and being a first-born girl child with perfectionistic tendencies, I am making myself crazy.  Sigh . . .it's a learning experience, it's a learning experience, it's a learning experience. . .

Nantucket House workbasket: bogged down in the letters for the poem that fits in the lid.  I should be ready to put this thing together (another effort to overcome Fear of Finishing) but I need to finish the letters.  Letters again.  Do we detect a theme?  Like, maybe I should stay away from things with sayings?

Journey, ANG Cyberworkshop:  Have not touched this one. Don't know why I'm not feeling the love, but it may not be the right time for this one.  I may decide to set it aside completely and focus on the others.

It does not appear that I will have all these things finished by the end of October unless I discover an electric needle or do nothing but stitch (which will interfere with the paying job that supports my habit and enough housekeeping to keep the Health Department at bay).  However, I have finished four pilot projects and am almost through with the fifth, so that has taken away from my personal stitching time. That's my excuse and I'm standing by it.

Oh, well, it's a journey, not a destination!

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  1. Yes, Ann, stitching IS quite a journey...personally, I wish I could make it to more destinations!

    You are certainly a busy bee! You are making great progress on Rebecah French. I am still stuck on the Algerian Eye letters. They are going quicker now that I have my lovely stitching stand. Keep your fingers crossed!

    I love reading your always have great posts and I just drink in your beautiful stitching!