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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carole Lake!!!!

Today is Carole Lake's birthday!!

And Carole is one of my very favorite people on the whole planet, so I am happy to help her celebrate!  I may even find cake and ice cream to eat in her honor!!  May?  Make that, will be certain to find cake and ice cream to celebrate!!

And tonight I will probably sign up for her newest class at Shining Needle, taught with Michael Boren.  It's a set of four Christmas ornaments (although you have a choice of about eight different colorways)--they are very, very cool.  Carole and Michael are even offering a finishing kit so you can stitch them up and finish them yourself and avoid the finishing deadlines--AND, if your guild does an ornament exchange, you will have something to exchange!

(if you don't know about Shining Needle, contact Kate Gaunt at . .this is one of the places that gets me into trouble about every couple of weeks . . .it costs nothing to join, but you get opportunities to take fabulous classes online)

AND, for those of us who have long loved (and stitched) Carole's Anasazi Song and Anasazi Dream--there will be a NEW Anasazi (Spirit, I think) around the first of the year.

So, I am very, very happy to have Carole in the world and in my life.  YAY, Carole!!

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