In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Monday night I got the ropey thing stitched (and did a very happy dance) and then started on the leafy stalks from which all the other bits and pieces rise.

I got all the leaves and stalk on the left side and the center worked in before I needed to go to bed.

If you look at the picture, you will notice that there is no stalk in the center.

I came home from work last night and finally had a chance to plop myself in the wing chair to stitch.

I looked at the piece.

I looked at the chart.

I looked back at the piece.

I looked back at the chart.

I looked at the piece again.

I looked at the chart again.

No matter how many times I looked back and forth, the piece did not match the chart.

I had made a counting error early on the base of the stalk. So I had to rip. And believe me, ripping out double running worked with a sharp needle so the stitches can be pierced and therefore look more even--it is not easy nor is it fast.

This led to more fuming.

OK, deep breath time.

I wanted to get all the pieces stitched before Friday so I could take them to work and photocopy them so I could make the paper patterns needed for finishing-finishing. Normally I would have not worried because I could do that at home. However, our printer/scanner/copier has turned itself into a door stop and Dearly Beloved has not completed his research and deliberations into a replacement. He may never complete his research and deliberations, but that is a rant for another day.

And I wanted to get that done by Friday because I am giving myself a stay-cation next week. I will have nine days in a row to do what I want (within reason) which includes not setting an alarm clock and stitching myself silly.

I had also planned a very specific project to work on next week, which is not Virgin Queen. I wanted to get Virgin Queen finished before I started the new project.

So random thoughts about this current first-world dilemma:

  • Why I won't allow myself to start another project before I get this one done?
  • I start new projects all the time without getting previous projects finished and it doesn't bother me normally.
  • If I don't do the project I planned, the world will not tilt on its axis and throw everybody off.
  • I don't have any deadlines or any reason to follow a set plan
  • First born girl children who feel responsible for the world turning on its axis set up too many rules and regulations for themselves.
I'm going to trot off to my EGA meeting in a few and not think about any of this for a couple of hours.

After all, it's just stitching.

And since I want to do it all, it really doesn't make any difference in what order I do it.


  1. Okay Ann, I am obviously missing something.... I ran and got my chart to compare and I can't see a problem! :) It all looks good to me!
    I hope you can relax and enjoy whatever project you decide to work on. Have a great stay-cation!

  2. I'm with Stasi - I don't have the chart but I do have a good picture of the entire outside of the case, and when I blow it up big (apparently blowing pictures up to gigantic size is my new hobby), I can't see a stalk on the greenery outside edge bit of greenery.

    But if it is wrong, I empathize!! Been some teeth gnashing going on in my stitching world too. :(

    Enjoy your staycation! Stitching yourself silly sounds like heaven.