In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Missing Mojo

My Christmas mojo has apparently deserted me.

By now the halls are usually decked, we're eating from the Christmas china, and the tree is decorated. There should be Christmas movies playing on the TV and Christmas music resonating through the house.

Well, we have a tree.

It's sitting in its accustomed location in the living room. It's in the stand. There is water in the stand. There is not a light, an ornament, a garland, a bauble, an angel, or anything else adorning it.

I just can't get going this year on decking the halls and embracing the season. Not sure why, but I think I should just start answering to Grinchetta and move on.

And to top it all off, nary a stitch has been worked since I got home from Williamsburg.  This is the extent of my needlework thus far this week:

I've managed to get the linen attached to the stretcher bars for this year's Barbara Jackson ornament from SNS.

I haven't even gotten it basted.

Do you suppose there's a correlation between lack of stitching and lack of Season's Greetings?


  1. You have just been on sensory overload and are having a slow return to reality. Try to land softly!

  2. Yeah, I feel like this every year. Hope you get your mojo back!

  3. You have an undecorated tree ... I've made one batch of cookies (and all the decorations are still in the closet). But I refuse to call you Grinchetta. Perhaps earlier commenter is right - you're just on overload. C'mon, we can deck the halls, er, rooms this weekend!

  4. Hah! I have you beat. The Christmas tree is still in the closet. Don't have any regrets. It will happen. Just now trying to digest all these Tricia Nguyen blogs about the rerun of the casket class. Yes, I am a lapsed member. This is going to take a lot of wine and printer cartridges. Never mind the actual stitching.

  5. There probably is a connection, because I feel the same way. My seasonal mojo and my stitching mojo have both disappeared. Ugh