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Monday, January 2, 2012

Wailing and gnashing of teeth

I've been working on finishing today.

And, after I had spent about three hours with a sharp needle, working tiny little stitches to attach assembled part A to assembled part B, I thought of a way I could have put part A together that would have looked ever so much better, and a way I could have assembled part B in a way that would have made it easier to attach part A to it.

Normally, as we all know, if I'm not happy with something, I take it out and restitch it.  However, I am working with silk fabric that does not do well when ripped out.  And I am viewing this as a learning experience. I think the next time I have to do something like this, I'll have a better way to approach it.

I do not know why finishing is such a bear for me.  I used to sew all the time.  I made most of my clothes when I was in college, including jeans.  I made most of the clothes I wore when I started work. I made my maternity clothes.  I made overalls for the Big Kid when he was the Little Kid.  I made sundresses and shorts and tops for Baby Girl.  Then I stopped and got out of the habit. Of course, I stopped when I sewed my finger with the sewing machine and was traumatized by the whole experience.

The other problem is that I don't think I think in three-dimensions, and this particular piece has several dimensional sections to it.

Random Thought: I wonder if some fashion designers are also incapable of thinking in three dimensions, which is why runway models are so thin.

Anyway, on this last evening before going back to the regular work schedule, I think I'm going back to working on a sampler.

And, no, no pictures yet of my finishing progress--because I still have part C to assemble and attach.

Sigh . . .

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