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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pilot #3 . . .and surprise, pilot #8

I just finished pilot #3, which Gay Ann described as periwinkle, and here are the threads:

It would be helpful to have daylight for photography purposes, but we're in the midst of another gray and gloomy day. Believe it or not, the colors for this one are really quite pretty and the heart itself is one of my favorites.

In just a few minutes, I am starting on a surprise pilot, NOT one Gay Ann described in her hints.  I really love the colors and threads for this one--which, to give you another little hint, actually involves TWO hearts.  Not one, two--does that make you wonder?

I do love those rosy colors!

In just a few more weeks, I'll be able to show the finished pieces that resulted from these threads.  They make me very happy--and it looks like an early Valentine's Day around here.

Meanwhile, I have been fighting off a nasty cold, which Dearly Beloved brought home and thought he should share with me.  There are many things he could bring home and share that would delight me. This was not one of them.  Thanks to better living through chemistry (otherwise known as Dayquil and Nyquil) I have been able to function, but I am ready to be DONE with this! Why are the relatively minor  irritations so . . .irritating?  I'm tired of being drippy, sneezy, achy, and grumpy.

And I need to locate another box of tissues so I can avoid sneezing on my Congress cloth.

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  1. G-d Bless You! (that's for your sneezes, or should I say Gezundheit?)