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Sunday, November 8, 2015

And then this . . .

Because it was on the top of the basket  by the wing chair and because it's the last part that will go into Merry Cox's workbox, I started the piece that will make the tray.

I am absolutely thrilled to pieces to have the lettering done and out of the way (well, except for the attributions that go at the top and the bottom). I just don't like stitching letters. No clue why, but it may account for why I vastly prefer band samplers from the 1600's to any other sampler I might stitch. They rarely, if ever, have letters.

The best part of this--aside from having it done--is that it's tent stitch over one and not cross stitch over one.

I was going to stitch the pretty basket that appears on almost all of the pieces of the set, but the same thread is used for the vine as for the saying and there was still some in the needle when I stitched the last letter. Well, a threaded needle is a threaded needle, so you may as well go ahead and use the thread instead of taking it out and then having to thread it back in later--so I started on the vine. And then, once the vine was started, I figured I may as well finish it.  And then, once one side was done, may as well do the other. And then I wanted to get a few leaves worked in. And so the basket wasn't stitched.

Meanwhile, I got into trouble again with Shining Needle. Carole Lake and Michael Boren have been doing a fundraising project, called Stitch for A Cause, almost every year, and this year's entry is currently available.

Starry, Starry Night is what they're calling a Flash Class. You can sign up and get a pdf for immediate download if you want to stitch from stash. However, if you would prefer to have the threads and canvas in a kit, that option is also available. Each kit has enough materials to do two ornaments, so if you need an ornament for an exchange, you'll have that covered as well. There are seven potential color ways if you go the kit route.

As I am looking for the most stress-free possible holiday season, I decided not to dive into the stash room to look for canvas and threads. I have opted for a kit.  I'm going for the version called Snow White, which flips the colors in the original, although I was vastly tempted by the ones called Quicksilver, Holiday Red, and Holiday Green. Actually, there is an option to get additional kits in different colors, but I was trying to be reasonable.

Sadly, I'm not sure how long I can maintain my reason in the face of such temptation . . .

As usual, I offer this information only in an enabling capacity.  I am always happy to get other people into as much trouble as I stay in.

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