In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Another one bites the dust

Well, that doesn't sound quite right.

What it means is that I finished the embroidery on the Blackbird fob tonight . . .something more to put in the finishing basket.

I'm going to go diving into the basket by the chair and see what pops up. I was planning to go back to Peace on Earth, but I think I may wait on that until tomorrow when I have daylight instead of Dazor light. That means I have a couple of stitching hours left in this evening to find something to work on.

I may work on Fair Maiden for a bit. I had hoped to have her finished before going back to Williamsburg in December, but that was when I thought I would have a four-day week-end over Thanksgiving. However, the Big Kid, BK's Wife, and The Flash have invited us to come up for Thanksgiving. Depending on the weather--in other words, whether or not there is winter precipitation of some sort or another--we will take them up on it.

Before we go, though, I need to get some ear plugs. I have been informed they will be serving tofurkey. I do not want to listen to Dearly Beloved's comments before, during, and after dinner.

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