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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seriously. . .

OK, still not stitching . . .decided to watch "Reign" which is supposed to be about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and her life in France.

Simply from the commercials, I knew that any resemblance to historical record was going to be superficial at best, since Mary went to the French court as a wee tiny child and not as a teen-ager. But I thought that at least there would be glorious costumes that would, perhaps, be inspirational.

They just showed Mary's ladies-in-waiting getting ready for a state dinner.

They're putting on make-up and wearing prom dresses.

Seriously.  Eye liner. Prom dresses.

Not a single, solitary garment that looks anything like the 16th century.

I can only hope this thing is cancelled immediately if not sooner.

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