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Friday, July 6, 2012

Last day of stay-cation

Yes, I know I still have the week-end before I go back to work . . .but we'll probably have the usual week-end routine, so it feels like my vacation is over.

I do believe I will enjoy being retired in six or seven years.

Today I finished the book I started reading last week-end and started another band on Martha Edlin.  I have three bands, then three alphabets, then a section with spot motifs, and then Martha will be done.   There will be a picture of the band I'm working on as soon as the battery for the camera is charged.  Meanwhile, I need to inventory the frig and make a "hopeful" list for the farmers' market trip in the morning.

It will be the first time we've set the clock all week.

If I weren't such a grown-up person, I might cry. I hate getting up to an alarm clock!

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  1. I'll be starting my month long summer break in another week ... it's an urban myth that those in education get the whole summer off ... and I feel your pain. It is always so difficult to get back to the old work-a-day routines and dreams of retirement abound. For me that is four years away. I love the children I work with and thoroughly enjoy my job [most of the time] but this old body is ready for retirement.