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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best Laid Plans . . .

I had an incredible plan for the week-end.  I was going to stitch from Friday night when I got home from work until Sunday night when I need to get ready to go back to work.

This was determined by the projects that have new classes posting next week.  I would like to be ready for the new lessons. This means that I should get the previous steps before the new classes stitched and the pieces ready to go.

However . . .

Last night I was weary.  Weary.  Tired to the bone weary.  Not sure why, but this workweek was excruciatingly long and tiring.  So, last night I was moving slooooooooooowly.  I did get the Bluebird Needlecase linen out and I stitched a wee bit on it, but I was not working with my usual speed and efficiency.  Actually, I was not working with any level at all of speed and efficiency.

This morning, we went to the Farmers' Market and scored--oh, how we scored--peaches, blackberries, watermelon, tomatoes, summer squash--and okra!  Okra is the quintessential  Southern summer vegetable and it LOVES hot, dry weather.  We are planning for a fried okra fest every night until the supply runs out.  Sadly, corn hates hot, dry weather, so no corn on the cob for this week.  We also found a new bakery and a fabulous loaf of honey wheat bread, and I have already devoured my apple Danish from the bakery stand we usually visit--mainly so I can get an apple Danish every week.  Anyway, I am planning a tomato sandwich on the honey wheat bread for lunch and peaches and blackberries for dessert.

I just realized that there are only two things I like about summer. Just two.  It doesn't snow, so I can get to WV to see The Flash--and there is fresh produce.  Lovely fresh produce.

Anyway, I need to transfer parts of designs to a couple of the pieces I want to work on, so I got my makeshift light table set up.  It consists of two ottomans of fairly the same height, a piece of glass, and my Ott light.  The glass sits on the ottomans set several feet apart with the Ott light underneath.  It works beautifully and the glass is large enough so I can do large pieces of linen or canvas easily.

However, it is difficult to transfer if your pigma pen has dried out.

So this means a trip to the local strip shopping center where there is a Michael's which carries Micron pens.  This means finding the Micron pens in the disorganized mess that is this particular Michael's--most of the Michael's I've visited are clean and bright and neat.  This one is not, but it's closest.

This also means going out into the madness which is tax-free week-end.

So now I have the pen but I believe I need to sit for awhile with a cold compress from dealing with idiots driving like maniacs in the parking lot at the shopping center, spending a ridiculous amount of time looking for the Micron pens (while the store clerks looked at me vacantly when I ask where they might be-why ask me if you can help me if you have not a clue as to where anything in the store is located), and  standing in line while a woman argues with the clerk over what in her massive pile of stuff is tax-free and what is not.

IF I get my momentum going again, I will work on the Bluebird Needlecase, the Dresden Lace EGA project, and St Margaret's Star.  If I get the momentum going again and stop noticing the dust bunnies and piles of laundry . . .

More later,

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  1. Inertia is a killer. Sure what is already in motion tends to stay in motion but the corollary is that what is at rest tends to remain at rest. Here's hoping inertia doesn't get you.