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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Stalking the mail carrier, part 1

 The last few weeks, the mail carrier has brought all kinds of goodies. As long-time readers have discovered, Dearly Beloved does not buy my Christmas presents--he tells me to get what I want. And I do.

As I have no self-control, I open everything as soon as it arrives, ooh and aah and carry on, then stick it under the tree. The first box under the tree came from The Crewel Work Company.

The Dunollie Rose & Honeysuckle design was part of the most recent seminar that The Crewel Work Company held.  I was thrilled to be able to get one of the kits. Even better, during their giving back weekend, we could watch a demonstration of some of the stitches involved in the piece.

The directions in the kit are so clear, the threads are luscious, and what is it about boxes? Why do kits that come in boxes seem ever so much more enticing? Maybe because they always seem like presents?

If you don't follow Phillipa Turnbull and CWC on Facebook and don't get their newsletter, well, you need to. Even if you're not a crewel stitcher, you get all kinds of information about the stitching world, and needlework in various castles and stately homes in the UK. Phillipa has a monthly stitch-in online, and she is nothing short of totally delightful.

Now I am off to work on a leaf. Don't ask--it involves needlelace and I've been putting it off and putting it off until it can't be put off any longer.

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  1. What a pretty 'gift' you received in the mail, Ann! How did the needlelace leaf go?