In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

There and Back Again

 As usual, I took the laptop with me, planning to blog while I was gone.

As usual, I was too busy having fun, and didn't blog while I was gone.

Dearly Beloved and I traveled up the mountain so I could take a series of workshops at Sassy Jack's with Jackie du Plessis. Kim puts on a great seminar, Jackie was in the finest of forms, and I have three new projects. And Dearly Beloved got to eat at his favorite Mexican restaurant, and we tried a highly recommended barbecue place (well worth the drive), so all was good.

Kim and Jackie get me into more trouble, that's all I can say other than any time Kim hosts Jackie, I'll do my best to be there, with bells on and flags flying. I can't wait til the store is open--it looks like all the snags have worked out and the final touches are being placed. And there is word of another workshop in March. I have the dates on my calendar already.

So, what did I do this time?

Aside from being totally fumble-fingered and living up to my reputation as someone who can't stitch a lick  in a class . . . 

Love That Red is a true sampler--with alphabets, a darning pattern section, and twenty-eight bands of drawn thread samples. It will roll up and perch on this lovely little stand.

Flame Stitch Pocket--not just the pocket, designed to perfectly fit packs of needles--there are pretty little accessories that will also fit into one of Mr. Miller's beautiful boxes. It's all stitched in the beautiful colors of Fall. 

I've been on the fence about taking the Mountain Glory Workbasket--going back and forth as to whether I wanted it--I am so glad I came down on the side of signing up and taking it! The cherry stand is simply beautiful, and it looks like it will be both an easy stitch and (even better for me) as easy assembly. (Famous last words???) And I do love the shades of blue and green . . . 

Kim also provides goodies in each class--this is just the first one . . . 

I have new scissors to put on the side of Just That Red's stand, and pins and stickers--from later classes I have a great traveling stitching tray (in purple, of course) and project boxes and bodkins--it's all fun.

But am I stitching on these projects? Not yet. I am so very close on the Eternal Flame Huswif . . . just one more pocket and sewing it together . . . 

This is the next-to-last pocket. Tonight I'll start the last one, after I spend some time this afternoon in the stash room. I'd really like to have it completely set up before I head out on my next stitching adventure--which will be in two weeks. But more on that later.


  1. Wow lots of nice goodies and stitching .
    I am happy you both had a fun time.
    Hugs June.

  2. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time. Glad you were able to attend and happy to hear about good Mexican and barbecue food.

  3. I know you had a great time! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labors! :)