In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Saturday, February 6, 2021


 For the last couple of weeks, I've puttered more than I've stitched.  I don't have much to show for the puttering, but I did find a project I wanted to work on.

Merry Cox designed Tend Thy Sheep in the late 90's. Then it was offered by Shining Needle in 2011. I started it then, but for some reason, it sank into the stash until I uncovered it in the puttering around. I think I probably had a pilot project show up--I was doing a lot of pilot stitching then--and just never got back to it.

Almost all is worked over one thread, and the linen is not cooperating. I tend to like closely woven linen with some body. This appears to be hand-dyed, so it's very soft and the threads are all wibbledy-wobbledy, so I have to be careful about where I put my needle. Generally I hoop or frame linens like this, but the piece is tiny and I don't have a hoop that really fits it well. Actually, you can see the hoop marks where I tried.

I will most definitely work on it until it's stitched because it's been marinating in the stash for ten years. This is not the longest something has "matured" before I got back to it, but I haven't worked one of Merry's pieces in a long time and I miss her workshops and projects.

I just realized something. When I finish the stitching on this, I will then have five projects that need to be assembled sitting by the wing chair. 

That is simply terrifying.


  1. I too love Merry's pieces and have done this one. It will be worth it when you are finished....wibbledy, wobbledy fabric or not!

  2. It's looking good so far, Ann. Merry's pieces are always delightful. (Five to FFO - eep!)

  3. Have you thought about sewing another piece of fabric to your project to make it large enough to use a hoop? I hear you on the linen making a world of difference to stitching on. My current is on an unknown linen and the threads vary in thickness, some SO thin in spots I have trouble seeing them. I hope they don't break!