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Sunday, March 17, 2019

More sparkly bits

Yesterday I worked on adding some of the goldwork stitches to the Spot Sampler from the Goldwork Master Class offered by Tricia Nguyen of Thistle Threads.

Some areas are starting to fill in--others are pretty blank. I found that after about half a dozen motifs, I needed to stop and do something else--mainly because these are stitches that I don't do every day, so they require real focus and concentration. I can focus and concentrate just so long, and then brain cells start to fry. So I go to something else that I can stitch almost automatically. This seems to work out quite nicely, and it's a good excuse for bouncing from one project to another.

I'm also finding that my stitches are looser than usual. I tend to be a very tight stitcher, but if I use my usual tension, there is more chance that the gold "skin" covering the thread core  will break and strip away.  So, I'm working very slowly and somewhat loosely to avoid that.

We were given a different type of gold thread we could use after the online class started (and years after the f2f class where I started this project). The lessons state that once you go to this thread, you'll never go back. I figure, though, if I can do a decent job with the threads I've been using, I'll do an even better job with better thread. So I'm saving that for the next sampler in the class.

Hmmmmmm, sounds like I'm almost committing myself to continuing with the projects in this class for awhile.

Let's see how that works out . . .

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