In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

When in doubt, read the directions

Except I was in no doubt at all. I just made an assumption.

So Fragrant Fragaria is in time-out until I'm in the mood to frog and restitch part of the border, which is two threads too low.

I made the assumption that this pocket was exactly the same size as the one before it. It isn't. It's two threads higher vertically . . . so I need to take out the top border and restitch it. Then I can stitch in the flowers that spring from the branch and the stitching on this will be done.

That is something I'm just not in the mood to do at the moment  This means I need to find something else to stab this afternoon.

And that leads me to another topic. I've decided to reboot the rotation a bit.

For one thing, I absolutely hate the timekeeping. I had a little notebook where I had entries that went something like:

started 7:21. stopped 9:19. Subtract 14 minutes for conversation with The Saint.

Good Grief--who needs this kind of aggravation for something that's supposed to a pleasant pastime rather than a time study.

Then I was trying to remember when I stitched something. I have another little notebook where I keep a list of projects completed by the year in which I finished it. And when looking at the notebook, I realized that I get more projects done when I work on something for an extended period of time, rather than skipping hither and thither blithely through the stash or working in a structured rotation.

So I'm going back to the clump method, where I clump a few projects together and focus on them. I plan to keep the basket by the chair full of the projects I was going to work on in the rotation, since those are the ones I want to do--I'm just going to work on them in smaller batches and see what I can get finished. I really need a couple of finishes!

But it won't be Fragrant Fragaria today. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Sorry Fragrant Fragaria is in time out! I am guessing it isn't possible to go with what you have stitched versus having to rip it out and redo.

  2. I'm going to try hard to remember that when I get around to stitching this! But, sorry, you had to find out the hard way!!! Have a good week!

  3. Sorry the pockets aren't uniform. (perhaps you've already frogged and restitched since I'm so far behind in blog reading) Your clump idea sounds like a good way to work and far less annoying than the timekeeping chores of a strict rotation.