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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Big 4-0

This is not my age (sadly).

Today is Dearly Beloved's and my 40th wedding anniversary.

Dearly Beloved found a statistic that says that only 20% of all marriages last 40 years. I cannot decide if this means that we are super compatible or just too lazy to fight about anything important. Dearly Beloved says it's inertia, which may mean the same thing.

At any rate, we've made it this far, so we're going to try for another ten years.


  1. Congratulations on some very successful inertia. :)

  2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Glad you've made it this long. My husband and I are amazed that we will be married 25 years this August. Amazing for some late-bloomers!

  3. Congrat!! That is fantastic. Hubby and I celebrated 32 this year, but it's been 38 years together since we started on our journey.

  4. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  5. An amazing accomplishment in this day and age, Congrats!