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Monday, March 14, 2016

Wonderful Week-end

After wrestling with taxes, I really needed a break and I got one this week-end with a workshop taught by Jackie du Plessis for the Virginia Guild of Needlewomen.

As always, Jackie's class was thorough and informative, and I got two pieces from the prework put together.

They still need embellishments, but the hardest part is completed.

I also took copious notes on all the other bits that are part of the Hands to Work, Hearts to God set of smalls. I've taken a lot of Jackie's classes (with more to come), both in person and online, and she always has a trick or technique that helps me improve my finishing.

I can't say enough about the warm welcome I received from the other ladies in the class. I was included in everything, and made to feel a part of the guild. Our hostess with the mostes' opened her home (and her stitching lair)--it was just a delight in every way. I look forward to many more trips  to join in the fun!

Of course, I really, really want to work on this set immediately. Somehow, though, it always seems as if there is something compelling that I need to do before I can do that--and it's the prework for the next workshop I'm attending.

Could someone please just give me another 24 hours to a day?

Instead of ripping an hour away?

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  1. Hey, Ann! I loved having you! Please, Please come back to visit! Be sure to post pictures of Jackie's project and I will do the same!