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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Progress Report

In the grand clean-up, it appears that nothing is being accomplished other than stacks of things are being shifted from one location to another. This appears to be the norm when I rearrange things.

However, the reams of paper have been stuffed into their page protectors and then into their notebooks, with the exception of about half a dozen sheets. This is when I ran out of page protectors.

I had started the project sorting by attempting to put the things I wanted to do right now in a pile of their own. Everything was landing in that pile. There was a fallacy in my sorting method.

So then I decided to try to at least prioritize things and was using the couch to line things up.  It was at this point that Dearly Beloved walked in to watch TV and went into a Sheldon meltdown.

"You've covered up my spot with your stuff. Where am I supposed to sit? Can we move some of this stuff?"

We have three other quite comfortable chairs in which he could sit, as well as a quite uncomfortable one and a bench. None of these options would work.

So I slid things over and tried to figure it all out on paper, then decided to haul it all upstairs and sort it on the bed in what used to be Baby Girl's room and which is now the guest room.

I just hope nobody needs to spend the night with us for awhile.

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