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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lovely Day

I came very, very close to getting the embroidery finished on the Fair Maiden Perfume Etui last night. If I'd stayed up a couple of hours longer, I could have had it done and ready for finishing.

However, I knew I needed to get to bed at a reasonable time because today was the Piedmont Heritage Sampler Guild's meeting, which is about a two-hour trip away.

So I picked up a friend and off we went down the highway.

I'm so glad I went! Aside from the enjoyable trip to and from, with lively conversation that made the miles fly, we had a very interesting presentation about the schools that operated in Fayetteville, NC in the 1800's. We also had the opportunity to see photographs of samplers which are being reproduced by
two of our very talented members. One of the samplers will be taught as a workshop for the Carolinas Sampler Guild next April. We are hoping the other will also become a workshop for Piedmont Heritage Sampler Guild (hopefully) next year.

When I am allowed to show pictures and provide details, I will. I can't wait to stitch them both.

Lunch with some of the group followed the meeting, and then home to find another goodie in the mailbox.

The materials kit for Celeste Chalasani's Autumn Jewels project arrived in today's mail. This is an online class offered through EGA. I've been doing quite a lot of counted thread this year, and I wanted to do something a little different, and this is stumpwork, which I like, so win-win!

In addition, yesterday I got the prework information for Susan Johnson's 18th Century Sampler, a whitework project to be worked on Congress Cloth.

And Jackie posted the first lesson for her Beaded Garden Accessories early. Since that kit has already arrived, I can start on it whenever I please.

It feels like the beginning of the school year, with bright new projects and shiny new threads. I need to pull out my magnifier and get to work.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day, love the sound of the stumpwork and great progress so far on the etui. X