In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Starting over in October

I put the first stitch in this project on Saturday afternoon. I put in the last stitch on Monday evening.

This is Twisted Stitches by Sue Reed. This was the MOST fun! It has some very entertaining stitches to stitch and--literally--a twist in the stitch in the border that is totally unique. And I've found a new color in Watercolours--Appalachian--that is on my favorites list. It may show up in a future project.

All I can say is that if you get a chance to take a class from Sue (her website is, jump on it. She gives super hints on color matching and using overdyes and has a neat trick for turning corners with metallic threads that will change your life--if, of course, you need to change corners with metallic threads.

You will notice this is not on the Ellie Plan. Nor is it on the Overly Ambitious List from January.

I had a revelation Saturday.

I was looking at my little notebook in which I list the projects I have finished for the year. I am that OCD about keeping records on this type of thing. I realized that this has been one of my less productive years.

When I started looking at the projects I have finished over the years, and the years that seem to have had the most finishes, I realized that the years with no plan at all were the ones in which i stitched the most. The years when I tried rotations or plans or lists, not so much.

Apparently organized plans for needlework result in very little needlework.

Therefore, I have flung the Overly Ambitious List and the Ellie Plan out of the figurative window and I am going to stab my needle at whatever strikes my fancy for the rest of the year. And if I should mention a list or goals or deadlines, remind me of this post.


  1. Glad yo came to this conclusion too Ann... this year has proven to me that the saying "Man plans, God laughs" may have some truth after all.
    I still think that plans are good BUT having fun with your needlework is what it is all about after all!
    Hope you are feeling better...
    Would love to hear more about the tricks you learned on turning etc.

  2. Very pretty.
    Rotations don't work for me neither.
    It feels like an obligation, not fun.
    I just pick up whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. :)

  3. Wow quick and beautiful! I love working on one project at a time!

  4. I was looking thru "My favorites" and saw your blog and didn't remember it, so I clicked on. Your stitching is exquisite. How can you stitch such beautiful stitches in such a short length of time? Only three days to make the Sue Reed design! Wow, you are a miracle worker.

    I must let you know, I got a good laugh out of the time you were stuck in traffic. The rest of your day was unbelievable. I can understand why you wanted to find a quiet corner when you got home. Isn't it amazing how stitching can calm our stressed out hearts?