In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wild and wonderful . . .

We went to visit The Flash this week-end. He was literally bouncing up and down when we arrived. And he never stopped. He announced on a regular basis, "I'm so exciting!" His mother would gently correct him, saying, "I'm so excited."  He would stop bouncing for a minute, look at her, and then state firmly, "I'm so exciting."  I tend to believe him.

I actually managed to get a shot of him without something in front of his face! He was showing me the giant teeth in the mouth of a dinosaur before we left this morning.

Yesterday we spent the morning at a street festival and the afternoon recovering from the humidity at the street festival. We also watched a Care Bears movie, which I realized I had watched with his father and aunt. It then occurred to me that we perhaps have a Care Bear hiding in a box in a closet somewhere, and it may be time to excavate that closet.

I took my needlework bag with me. I swore this time that I was going to put a stitch or two into something before we left for home, and I did:

I finished the flowers on the flap of the Posey Needlecase, which means the stitching for the body of the case is completed and I can start working on the bits and pieces that go inside.  This was last night's stitching before I tottered off to bed. At nine p.m.

We arrived home mid-afternoon today and after starting the first of three loads of laundry and putting together a lasagna, I decided to work on Morning Has Broken for a bit.

The blue flowers are now getting their backstitching. I'm beginning to think I need to change the completion date on this project from 2014 to 3014, mainly because these motifs are taking forever. This one isn't done yet, and it has a twin on the other side.  I keep telling myself that each stitch I take is getting me closer to a finish. I keep telling myself I'm going to love this when it's hanging on the wall. I also keep telling myself that I need to put some more time into the sampler--like maybe a few hours on the week-ends. Slow and steady wins the race, but, wow, I think they changed the finish line.

I also think I need to figure out a way to channel The Flash's energy level so I can turbo-stitch on this.


  1. I took this class with Catherine over a year ago and haven't worked on it since. I keep meaning to put it back in my rotation but it never seems to make it there. I tell people when they ask about it that I still haven't figured out if I want to change out the linen. In reality, a very good friend of mine did just that and has been working on this piece diligently since we took this class and still isn't finished. I think she has ripped out as much as she has put in. This frightens me! It is a lovely piece and I would like to finish it one day but it is an incredible amount of work...and I haven't decided if I want to change out the linen. Laura

    1. For the stitches and colors used in this sampler, I'm finding that I like the count and color of the linen supplied. Normally I would go with a higher count, but I think it would be difficult to do some of stitches if I had changed the linen. There's just a lot of detail--that's what makes the sampler so pretty, but it's also what makes it a massive, massive undertaking. Quite frankly, I thought once I had all the border done, the insides would just fly--that's before I realized how many of the inside motifs are over one thread. I am determined to finish this--I'm too close to let it go to the UFO pile--but this may be my big sampler project for the year!

  2. The little flowers are cute.
    Morning is looking good, that's an intense piece, but very pretty.
    You will get there. :)