In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!!!

Martha Edlin is finished!

This is the spot section at the bottom of the sampler.

When you look at the elaborate bands she used earlier on the sampler, you forget she was a little girl--then you stitch the little dogs chasing each other up and down the cartouche with her name and date, and you remember. Oh, and the "R" in "Martha" is reversed.

I forced  sweetly requested Dearly Beloved to hold the whole thing up so you could see how long this sampler finally ended up.

It's a good thing I'm going to need to save my pennies to have Martha framed . . .it's going to take us awhile to figure out where we have a place to hang her up--and that last phrase sounds really weird, but at least you know what I mean.

And I am happy dancing the rest of the day.


  1. What an accomplishment!!! You should give yourself a hand just for sticking with it long enough to get it finished! Beautiful work and you are right, you need to place it where you will see it all the time!!!

  2. Hooray for you! So glad for you. It is beautiful.

  3. Yippeee!!!!! Can't wait to see her in person.

  4. That's quite an accomplishment! Congratulations on a beautiful finish!!

  5. What a wonderful sampler. Congratulations.
    Bye for now.

  6. Wow!! That is one looooong sampler. How long is it? How long did it take you to stitch it?

  7. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    Your sampler is just beautiful, congrats on your finish.
    Happy weekend (:

  8. For JoAnn--it's worked over three threads on linen that counts out to 42 threads per inch. Depending on which band you measure, she's 10-11" wide by about 48" long.

  9. Congratulations!

    Yes, I know I'm a bit behind on posts but I'm catching up! :-)