In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I see a bad moon a'risin . . .I see trouble on its way . . .

(With thanks to CCR)

This is where I was on Ann Scutt this afternoon:

This is where I am now:

No, I did not get the pictures reversed.

This is where I am after making a significant counting error and ripping it all out. It was, of course, at the very beginning and was a point from which I was making all other placement decisions.

As this day has not gone as intended anyway, I am really not surprised.

It started out innocently enough. I had psyched myself up to do some finish-finishing this week-end and bebopped downstairs to get the sewing machine set up and the iron ready to go. As I pitterpattered down the hall, I hit a damp spot in the carpet.

Immediately I blamed Dearly Beloved. He is dearly beloved, but the man can splash, splatter, and spill and not even notice. (He is also incapable of noticing dirt, dust, or whiskers in the sink but that's another rant entirely.) I went to get a towel to blot up whatever it was.

When I returned with my towel, I realized that the spot was somewhat larger than originally expected and the carpet was doing more of a sploosh than a damp, surface spot. And, as I realized with fear and trepidation, it was located immediately in front of the closet under the stairs where the water heater lives.


It was leaking. Not a lot, more of a seep than a leak,  but enough to determine there was a crack in it. Sigh . . .

Obviously we called for emergency aid and assistance, but as we waited for our hero to appear, we realized that to remove the old water heater and to install a new one, the large bookcase/shelving unit in the hallway was going to have to be unloaded and moved.

We now have books, DVDs, and tapes covering just about every horizontal surface in our downstairs area. The kitchen table, where I was planning to spread out my projects--yes, I planned projects for today--is loaded with tottering towers of tapes. The living room floor, which I had planned to vacuum at some point before potatoes could be grown in the carpet, is paved with books.  We can't even get into any other room downstairs because the bookcase/shelving unit is blocking access to the rest of the house.

We also had a person who handles water damage arrive on the heels of the plumber to do something about the hallway carpet and floor underneath. This means we now have a large and noisy fan running along with a dehumidifier, which is draining into the sink in the (only) downstairs bathroom. He suggested letting it all run all week-end and he'll be back on Monday to take care of the rest.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor hiccup. I know this. It has, however, seemed to set the pattern for the rest of the day. Dearly Beloved has stubbed his toe. He can't hear the TV above the noise of the fan, which means that the marathon viewing session of Copper we had planned is not happening. I'm hours behind on doing laundry, which I like to get done and over with on Saturdays. We don't have any available counter space in the kitchen at the moment to do anything as simple as make a sandwich. I am suggesting that we do take-out or delivery for dinner. Cheapskate . . .er . . .Dearly Beloved keeps mentioning that we have eaten out twice this week. I suggested that we count this as next week's dining experience.

However, we do have hot water.


  1. Oh dear. I know how you must feel. Same thing happened here about two months ago. Hope all is well soon.

  2. You have had quite a day. It can only get better...I hope!

  3. Oh my, I hope you will soon get this problem solved, and be able to get back to normal life again.
    As much as water is a blessing for us, not so much when on
    places it is not supposed to be.
    Sending good wishes and positive energy to you.

  4. Hopefully everything can fixed up like new quickly. That has happened to me with my stitching - never a good feeling to have to take out stitches.