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Saturday, February 29, 2020

It's a beginning

I have had two wonderful classes with Jackie du Plessis--and still have another day for the second of the two tomorrow.

There is Eliza, the Peddler Doll.

Thus far, she has bloomers and a cape, which I stitched the first day. She is going to have a tray full of goodies, which we started working on the second day of class. I don't have many of them completed.

Baby Girl, however, did not take a class today, so she has all of her little bits and pieces for the peddler tray accomplished:

Today was the second class, which has a lovely little box made by Ed Miller.  We are making a cover for the box, and the is where I am with that:

Tomorrow we will review the directions for the reproduction of the sampler that inspired the box.

This has been a wonderful week with good friends. I'm lucky to have this time with them and I look forward to it every year. It's even more special now that Baby Girl can come, too.

And it will be back to reality on Monday. I will start counting down the days until next year's event then.

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