In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wonderful Week-end

The plan was to blog every day during this expedition, but I was distracted by stitching. As that was the purpose of the trip, that's probably exactly what should have happened . . .so here is a capsule of everything that's been going on.

Afternoon One:

The car is packed for the trip to Baby Girl's. Yes, I am just going for a week-end. Yes, this is all my stuff; Baby Girl's stuff has not yet been added. No, I do not know how to pack light.

And this is why I drive and do not fly.

Day Two:

Baby Girl and I drove to Ocean City, Maryland, to Salty Yarns and one of my very favorite stitching venues, for two classes with Sherri Jones.

This is one of my very favorite stitching venues because of Sara, Mary, and Sally of the Lankford Hotel, where the event is held. This is not like checking into just any hotel. You're welcomed as if you were staying at their home, which, in a way, you are. These people really know the meaning of hospitality, and bend over backwards to make sure every need is answered. There have been discussions among the stitchers who come here about just moving in. There are always people stitching in the lobby, there is always show-and-tell about either the projects in class or what you just bought at the shop, there are comfortable beds and ocean views. What else could you want?

And if you get the chance to take a class from Sherri, run, do not walk, to sign up. Her classes always involve lovely designs and unique finishes with special attention to all the small details that make each project a delight. And Sherri is one of the best teachers I've been privileged to take a class from--detailed, but clear directions, individual attention if needed, and the warmest smile of anyone. She loves what she's doing and does a fabulous job of communicating it.

This is The. Best. Goodie.Bag that was handed out on arrival:

This is just about perfect for a week-end devoted to finishing.

 Day Three:

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I don't stitch much in classes, and get even less finished. I'm a slow stitcher and a slower finisher and can develop a severe case of fumble-fingers with the slightest provocation. However, I am pleased and proud to show what I managed to accomplish in the first class:

The bag is constructed and the pocket band is attached, completely attached, to the pocket itself. This has the potential of being totally assembled, and I do mean totally assembled, in a matter of a few more hours.

This never happens.

Day Four

Not quite as much was accomplished today, but the lovely wooden basket, constructed by Mr. Miller of Miller Carpentry, has the bottom panels assembled and positioned.

However, I think I can get the accessory pieces put together in a relatively reasonable amount of time.

The trick is to go ahead and do them, and not allow them to fall into the finishing basket, where they will be sucked into a black hole.

Therefore, that will not happen.

(I really hope that doesn't come under the heading of "famous last words.")


  1. One of these days I will get to Salty Yarns; it's on my bucket list. Glad you had a great time!

  2. Great summary of the weekend! I enjoyed chatting with you and your projects are just lovely!