In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enabling Alert

Adding to the general ridiculousness of the stash of projects, I have found more things that I must do.

Shining Needle has a couple of things with deadlines drawing nigh that have lured me in:

Carole Lake and Michael Boren:  Another Anasazi piece to go with the two that Carole has already taught.  Their classes are fun to take, their pieces are fun to stitch. Please note that I completed both of the classes they taught last year at Shining Needle. Please note that apparently I have become very good at starting things and then very good at becoming distracted by something else shiny. The fact that I have completed two of their classes speaks well for them.  'Nuff said . . .

Jackie duPlessis: La Vie en Rose.  Again I am taking this to help overcome Fear of Finishing. While I am still not what I would consider either proficient or skilled, I'm getting better, and Jackie's classes are a big part of the process.  If nothing else, I have overcome Fear of the Sewing Machine.  And Jackie has such nifty smalls--all kinds of little pockets and goodies to put in the pockets and neat things that go together.  They make me very happy.

Gay Ann Rogers:  It's time for the annual Heart Sale and I do love this group of hearts so!  There are flowers and pearls and hearts within hearts!  Be very aware that they will only be here for one week and one week only.  And be aware that there are things that really strongly appeal to those of us who hide an inner prissy girly-girl underneath our competent and logical exteriors.

I know I promised to show my finished ones, and I will, as soon as we find the memory stick that Dearly Beloved very carefully transferred many of my pictures to.  I went through and deleted the truly lousy pictures and labeled things a week or so ago--then Dearly Beloved suggested that perhaps we should have a back-up and put things on a memory stick. Somehow he deleted them from the computer in the doing. Then he very carefully put the memory stick Away.  In a Safe Place.  Let us just say that he needs to have a memory stick inserted somewhere that will jog his memory about where he put the memory stick.  If he has lost the pictures of The Flash, divorce will not be an option--but murder will be.  And I read a lot of murder mysteries, so I have a lot of ideas.

And now:

If you are not familiar with Susan Elliott, who blogs at, hie thee hence and visit her site.  She executes the most exquisite embroidery in the most phenomenally creative way, and records what she does with the clearest photography I have ever seen on a blog--or much of anywhere else.  Many of the things she stitches could be classified as crazy quilt-inspired--but she takes it to another level.

She is offering an eClass, teaching a needlebook she made for herself about a year ago.  As we all know, I have fallen into the 17th century and have a difficult time climbing out, but this is THE most practical thing, with THE most whimsical, joyful colors--in short, I succumbed.   And I am very much looking forward to going off in another direction with my embroidery.  (It involves using a sharp needle.  We all know that sharp needle + Stitching Fool + Stitching Fool's general klutziness = blood in places that we don't want blood to be, but it's irresistable.)

And now I'm going to spend another hour or so with Mary Atwood.


  1. Good luck. I'm sure the instructions will be very clear - as you say, Susan's photography is second to none!

  2. love the suggestion on where DB could put a memory stick.

  3. Yeah! I am so not alone in my stitching foolishness! I almost succumbed to the Susan's class, too, but reason finally reared its head and I didn't.