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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day Two at Jeannine's

I almost made it all the way around the book--almost, but not quite .. .

I have a wee bit of stem stitch to do along one side, then inner borders for each piece.  I so wanted to have it done before the end of class but I went to bed later than usual last night--then, of course, slept poorly.

Stem stitch is a very rhythmic stitch, especially worked in hand.  So rhythmic that it can be almost hypnotic.  As the needle went in and out of the linen, I found that I was nodding in time and  . . . almost . . .going . . .to . . . sleep . . .as . . . I . . . stitched . . .

(won't be the first time I've gone to sleep with a needle in my hand, but would have been the first time in public)

(not quite ready to be "that old lady who nods off in class")

So when class ended, I tottered back to my room and took a nap.  Now I'm wide awake and rarin' to stitch, so this piece will have a complete outer border before I hit the hay again.

And before I almost snored and drooled in public (doesn't that paint a lovely picture?), I strolled through the boutique again.

We have not yet attained saturation:

Oops, bad reflection on one--try it again with the other piece I bought:

Well, you can sorta see the parasol.

These are all sweet pieces from Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods.  I love the soft colors, I love the color transfer of the fabrics, and given that everything I'm doing is humongous, these will be nice pieces to have finished when I need to have a finish.

And I am sure the economy of the needlework world is glad that I have not yet completely reached saturation.

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