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Friday, April 20, 2018

Today will be better . . .

I'm at Baby Girl's, waiting for her to wake up so we can head to Salty Yarns and our classes with Sherri Jones.

I'm glad she's driving today.

Yesterday was ridiculous.

First of all, I overslept. I don't know if I forgot the set the clock, or I turned it off accidentally when I woke up at 4 and wanted to see what time it was, or if it's dying. I usually get up at six. I do this because I do not function well in the morning and I need time to putter around so I can wake up enough to drive myself to work.

Yesterday I rolled over and thought, gee, the sun is really rising early. Wait, it wasn't this bright yesterday. So I looked at the clock. It was quarter to seven.

You know those cartoon cats who get startled and spring straight up in the air.

I was one of those cats.

I did make it to work on time and worked until two. Then I left to make the drive to Baby Girl's. This is never a pleasant drive. It's the interstate, there is construction, the traffic is always heavy. It is not fun. Yesterday we added high, gusty winds to the mix, so I was fighting to keep the car on the straight and narrow. This is not a relaxing way to navigate.

Finally arrived in one piece at Baby Girl's and the general consensus of the household was that Chinese food was in order. So we perused one of the many take-out menus in the file, decided on our choices, and Baby Girl and I went to get the food.

The nice person behind the counter took our order, then told us that their credit card machine was out of order and she could take only cash.

Cash? What's cash?

We thanked her politely and went back home for Plan B, which was ordering Chinese online from another place which did not have the same extensive menu. We got the confirmation and waited for delivery.

And waited.

And waited.

And after an hour, called to find out why there was a delay.

It turns out that their online ordering system was down and they weren't getting orders--but this nice person could take the order over the phone and get the food to us in 30-45 minutes.

At this point it was almost nine p.m.

People were getting hangry. I include myself in that list.

And that is why we were in the drive-through line at Mickey D's at nine.

Apparently I no longer have the iron constitution I had in my twenties. A double cheeseburger, fries, and a Pepsi at almost ten p.m. do not lead to a restful night's sleep. This is why I'm up and writing a blog at a time when I was just planning to drift into consciousness.

But this another day, the sun is shining, and we're heading to my favorite venue for classes.

And, since everything yesterday was a first world problem, I can't complain. Even thought I just did.

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  1. Have a safe journey to Salty Yarns and enjoyed your weekend classes.